OSHA In-House Forklift Instructor Coaching Program

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Does your company have a large fleet of forklifts along with drivers who need to keep up to date on training and safety measures? Many large warehousing businesses are begining to consider having their own In-House instructors, so that they can keep their entire fleet of forklift drivers trained and OSHA compliant, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

This OSHA In-House Forklift Instructor Coaching is a fully online, self-paced program. It was designed to cover all the key topics that an in-house instructor would need to know in order to conduct an OSHA compliant forklift / powered industrial truck (PIT) operator safety training program for their company or organization.


Sit Down Forklift

Stand-Up Forklift


Pallet Jack

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Course Topics Covered:

Doumentation Provided:

*Required Training Content Per OSHA 1910.178 *Digital Certificate of Completion
*Practical Evaluation Requirements *PDF of the OSHA Forklifts – In-House Instructor Coaching Guide
 Site Hazard Assessment *PDF of a Site Hazard Assessment Form
 Pre-Operational Inspection *PDF Pre-Operational Inspection Forms
 Knowledge of Controls  Internal Combustion Lift Truck
 Visual Clearance Checks  Electric Lift Truck
 Travel Awareness  Pallet Jack
 Loading  Telehandler / Variable Reach Forklift
 Unloading *PDF Skills Assessment Forms
 Parking and Shutdown *Narrow Aisle Warehouse Products
 Safety Awareness  Stand-Up Reach Truck, Order Picker, 
*Handling Inexperienced Operators  Pallet Truck, Stand-Up End Control
*Practical Course Set Up & Debriefing Students *Sit-Down Forklift
*Industrial Truck Association (ITA) Truck Class Review *Telehandler / Variable Reach Forklift


For more information or to purchase this OSHA In-House Forklift Instructor Coaching Program, reach out to our training team today.



Who is this program intended for?

This program is recommended for both new and existing mobile equipment instructors. We recommend that new instructors have at least 40 hours of hands-on equipment experience prior to attempting to train others.

How do I purchase this program?

This program available for purchase by booking directly with one of our sales representatives. A limited use copyright and liability waiver will require signing at the time of purchase.

What if I need more?

Additional 1:1 mentoring sessions are available with our knowledgeable instructors. There are group webinars as well as additional training supplies available for purchase should you need more support.

What if I need or want hands on time with the equipment?

Upgrade options are available to add operator assessments to your training. Please discuss your specific needs with our representative and we can build a package that best suits your specific needs. 

Can I start my own business to train the public after taking this program?

No, this program is not intended for entrepreneurs. You will be required to sign a limited use copyright agreement and liability waiver at the time of purchase. There are considerable insurance requirements to consider when providing training to the general public which are not covered as part of this course.