From the federal level down to state governments, growing legislation pushes towards carbon reduction and the eventual elimination of internal combustion vehicles. We have seen the most substantial government move in the United States to the west of Arizona, with California phasing out all IC vehicles by 2035. With our neighbor and trade partner adopting these policies, it will not be much longer before IC vehicles are phased out in Arizona. Leaving diesel behind may seem like a problem for those operating rail yards and logistic hubs. They rely on high-capacity diesel forklifts to get cargo off trains and onto trucks. The good news is that Carer Forklifts has a lineup of small electric forklifts that can handle high-demand multi-shift applications. The days of loud, polluting, and expensive diesel equipment are nearly finished. Carer’s electric material handling equipment lineup is versatile and rugged, built for the forward-thinking operator.

Can electric forklifts handle shipping containers?

Yes, the solution available for railyards today is the Carer industrial electric forklift. These machines are prevalent in major logistic hubs like Phoenix, Glendale, and Yuma, as lift capacities are available up to 66,000 lbs. at a 48-inch load center. High-capacity EV cargo container forklifts are becoming commonplace in demanding applications. Technology has advanced to the point where it can now keep up with and even outperform diesel-powered machinery. The value of electric-powered container trucks is becoming more commonly understood by the logistics industry and becoming adopted.

Why is a battery forklift better than a diesel forklift?

Cities in the sunbelt are grappling with excessive machinery noise and air pollution. Rail facilities in heavily populated residential and business zones, such as Phoenix and Glendale, are under intense pressure from local governments to reduce noise and pollution. Carer Electric Forklifts has a solution that can keep up with the expectations of the transportation industry to meet with these expanding calls for a net decrease of emissions and sounds connected with IC vehicles. Carer Forklifts has developed efficient power systems, specific lithium battery and charger combinations, that can be adapted to meet the power demand of high-capacity forklifts. The induction battery charge systems can also enable hands-free battery recharge (meaning the operator does not need to connect the battery to a charger).

What you need to know about the cost benefits of high-capacity electric forklifts

Usually, only the fuel cost is considered when calculating the financial performance of an internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift vs. an electric vehicle. An accurate ROI would include the following:

Total current monthly operating cost analysis (for diesel forklifts) includes:

  • Capital costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Intangible costs (emergency rentals, freight, down time, administration, etc.)
  • Energy/Diesel consumption cost (today and forecasted future costs)
  • Costs associated with unproductive labor (fuel tank refilling)
  • Tire replacement

Total forecast monthly operating costs (for electric forklifts) include:

  • Reduced utilization through elimination of standby idle time
  • Capital costs (extended depreciation term and internal cost of funds)
  • Reduced repairs and maintenance costs – forecasted reduction of ~40%
  • Reduced intangible costs
  • Energy/Electricity consumption costs – forecasted reduction of ~88%
  • Reduced tire replacement costs


With these financial benefits in mind, shifting a railyard to the future and adopting EV equipment is an easy decision, benefiting the environment, the community, and the operators’ bottom line.


Popular models used at railyards include:

Carer 160-200x

A70-300X series: Designed specifically for 100% outdoor, all-weather applications and capable of climbing all grades in roll-on, roll-off ship loading situations. Capacity ranges from 15,000 lbs. to 66,000 lbs. at a 48-inch load center, with high lift height capacity retention, a 96-144-volt operating system for high-efficiency energy consumption and long working time, high-performance dual drive motors, elevated seating position, large-diameter super elastic tires, and all-weather cabin options. This compact electric forklift is the quarterback of material handling.


KR55H2-Short: The 12,000lb KR55-SHORT is a rugged small electric forklift that can work three shifts around the clock—designed for loading cargo containers and railcars, with a compact turning radius chassis. It can maneuver in confined spaces while maintaining a high lifting capacity.



R4580H2 series: With an 80-volt chassis arrangement and all-weather cabin options, the capacity ranges from 9,900 pounds to 17,500 pounds. The Carer R series are container mast forklifts making them ideal for freight and container loading.




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