Every business owner looks to improve efficiency and save money. Forklift training accomplishes both of those tasks. Forklifts are a substantial investment and must be treated like it. Annual forklift training can save your business both time and money.

Forklift Training Efficiency

One part of an OSHA-certified forklift training course is understanding the type of equipment being used. Yes, most employees can tell you what type of forklift your company has – but can they tell you its load capacity or suggested speed while transporting that load? Familiarizing themselves with the equipment allows them to use it in the most efficient way possible. Once that’s completed, employees can work faster since they truly understand the equipment.

While forklift training can occur at your facility, Reliable Forklift Sales also offers a “Train the Trainer” course. Your foreman, manager, and other employees can be certified to conduct training themselves. Therefore, an appointment isn’t needed every time a new employee starts or certification expires (which happens every three years).

Training also minimizes downtime in your facility. A forklift accident can result in a lot of things, including an employee getting injured. Someone else must then take responsibility to complete the injured employee’s tasks. Accidents can also lead to inventory damage. If there’s no inventory to move, there’s not much work to be done (besides cleaning up!). An accident can also lead to the forklift being damaged. If so, employees must wait until the equipment is fixed – which could take weeks if you don’t call Reliable!

Save Money with Forklift Training

Those accidents result in much more than lost time. Think about the amount of money a forklift accident can cause. Start with an employee injury or death. If proper precautions and measures weren’t taken, the following litigation, court dates, lawyer fees, agreement payments, and more could be enough to bankrupt a company.

Now move on to inventory damage; how much would it cost your company if one percent, five percent, 10 percent, or 25 percent of your inventory was damaged due to a forklift accident?

Was your forklift damaged during the accident? Repair costs aren’t cheap. Don’t forget about renting equipment while the forklift is being serviced, too!

Even if your facility is lucky enough to have zero accidents, OSHA can still fine you for not keeping up with certifications. OSHA has the right to fine up to $7,000 for each untrained operator. Fines can get as large as $70,000 for what they call “willful violations” – normally referring to multiple offenders and negligence. Can your business afford that?

(Click here to learn more about OSHA Forklift Driver Certifications in Arizona)

Forklift training courses help your employees improve. As material handling equipment continues to evolve, it is important to ensure your employees are knowledgeable and confident. Doing so allows them to become more efficient. Forklift training reduces inventory damage, employee injury, equipment damage, and more – all of which help save you money.


Reliable Forklift Sales is proud to offer OSHA-certified forklift training courses throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions of Arizona. We offer the course in both English and Spanish. Our hands-on training takes place at your facility to maximize effectiveness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!