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We believe that a full-service forklift dealership begins and ends with repair service. Sales may sell the first forklift, but service sells the second one. When you’re in need of forklift repairs, it can make for a stressful situation without the right team in your corner.

When our customers have equipment issues they depend on:

  • a quick response 
  • seasoned technicians
  • to have the problem properly diagnosed
  • to have the repair done right
  • a fair price

It’s our promise to deliver on all of these items with any forklift repair or service.

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While we offer on-site repair, there are times your forklift needs to come to the shop. In that case, we can provide a discounted rental. No additional repairs will be performed without prior approval from the customer either. Finally, our work is warrantied for 90 days!

Forklift Repair & Maintenance FAQs

Q: How often should a forklift be serviced? 

A: Forklift maintenance depends on a few variables such as type, time used, etc. The best advice is to sign up for regularly scheduled maintenance which ensures that your forklift will be maintained at the proper times by qualified technicians.

Q: Do repair parts matter for my forklift?

A: Short answer, yes. It is recommended that you use OEM replacement parts. If you start putting will-fit parts on your forklift, you could be compromising the forklift’s durability and long-term value.

Q: How do you properly maintain a forklift?

A: First, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule is also important to ensure a trained technician is keeping an eye on your forklift. It is also recommended for users to do frequent, even daily, checks on fluid levels, tire pressure and condition, hoses, and brake performance.

Reliable Forklift's Friendly Customer Service and Forklift Repair Team

Forklift Repair & Maintenance Team

Our technicians average over 20 years of experience, are efficient and will get the job done right the first time.  Our techs must pass a drug test and maintain an excellent driving record.  All techs have received multiple rounds of factory training and are familiar with the programming, diagnostics, and detailed repairs for the brands we sell. We repair all brands of forklifts whether they are powered by gasoline, LPG, diesel, or electric.

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