Looking for forklift rentals and other material handling equipment in Phoenix? Reliable Forklift Sales is your rental destination for forklifts, electric carts, jacks, order pickers, scissor lifts, accessories, and more. With hundreds of rentals in-stock from top brands like Clark, Doosan, Sellick, MARIOTTI, CombiLift, and more.

Renting is ideal for short-term jobs or situations where equipment needs may change quickly. With our vast inventory and knowledgeable, friendly staff on hand to answer questions, we can assist you in making sure the equipment you rent is going to work for each phase of your project.

A rental can also serve as a “test drive,” allowing you to test out different types of equipment to determine what you want to purchase. This is a great option towards the end of the fourth quarter as budgets are being drawn — rent a new piece of equipment and see if it’ll be the best it by putting it through the paces at your facility.

We’re called “reliable” for a reason. We’ll work with you to ensure the rental you choose is exactly the right piece of equipment for your unique needs. Please call us for more information or to answer any other questions you have!

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Forklift Rental FAQs

Q: How much is a forklift rental?

A: The starting cost to rent a forklift from us is $150. We do short-term/daily forklift rentals as well as monthly and long-term forklift rentals. Forklift rental prices vary depending upon the forklift capacity and type of forklift you are looking to rent. Call us today to get the best rental deal.

Q: Does a forklift rental include a trailer?

A: No, you do not need a trailer to rent a forklift from Reliable Forklift Sales. We can deliver and pick up your forklift rental in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Forklift Rentals and Rates

Below you will find a list of available rentals. Please call for pricing or fill out the form below and our specialists will provide the details you need.

If you need to purchase equipment please check out some of our forklift inventory.

Electric Carts/Electric Jacks
Booms ~
Manual Jacks/Fork Ext/Carpet Pole ~
Attachments ~
Double & Ricer Double & Rider
Stacker/Scissors/Rider Jack 2k-3k
Order Pickers Cushion
Chargers Ind or 110V
3,000 lbs LPG Cushion/Pneumatic
5,000 lbs LPG Cushion/Pneumatic
5,000 lbs LPG w/ Quad Cushion/Pneumatic
6,000 lbs LPG Cushion/Pneumatic
6,000 lbs LPG w/ Quad Cushion/Pneumatic
8,000 lbs LPG/DIESEL Cushion/Pneumatic
10,000 lbs LPG/DIESEL Cushion/Pneumatic
12,000 lbs LPG/DIESEL Cushion/Pneumatic
15,500 lbs LPG/DIESEL Cushion/Pneumatic
6,000 lbs Rough Terrain Pneumatic
8,000 lbs Rough Terrain Pneumatic
10,000 lbs Rough Terrain Pneumatic
16,000 lbs Rough Terrain Pneumatic
20,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
25,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
30,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
36,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
40,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
55,000 lbs DIESEL Pneumatic
3,000 lbs ELECTRIC Cushion
5,000 lbs ELECTRIC Cushion
6,000 lbs ELECTRIC Cushion
3,500 lbs REACH Cushion
 MARIOTTI ELECTRIC Compact Forklifts
 6,000 lbs Combilift   Multidirectional
 10,000 lbs Combilift Multidirectional
 Donkey Forklift Piggy Back

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Some examples of our material handling equipment for rent:

Doosan Forklift Rentals at Reliable Forklift Sales

Sellick Equipment Rentals at Reliable Forklift SalesDoosan 160 Rental Forklift

Mariotti ME Compact Forklift Rental available from Reliable Forklift in  Phoenix AZ


If you need to purchase equipment please check out some of our inventory.