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Reliable Forklift Sales offers various diesel powered forklifts. These forklift trucks are some of the toughest machines in the materials handling industry. Whether is it rigorous outdoor construction work or work in logistics centers, these fork trucks are well suited for a wide range of unit loads.

Try one of our diesel powered forklifts that provide you with some of the toughest and best withstanding material handling equipment on the market.

CLARK 2022 C60/70/75/80 FORKLIFT


Pneumatic Tire C60/70/75/80 Series 13,500 – 18,000 lb With the combination of a 100 HP engine, fully automatic 3-speed transmission, wet disc brakes, and rugged chassis design, the GEN2 C60 provides exceptional performance, maneuverability, and durability in its class that you’ve come to expect from CLARK. Applications for this pneumatic forklift include yard applications in […]

CLARK 2022 S20/25/30/35 Diesel/Dual Fuel/LPG FORKLIFT

CLARK S20/25/30/35 Diesel/Dual Fuel/LPG FORKLIFT

CLARK Pneumatic Tire S20/25/30/35 Series 4,000 – 7,000 lb The CLARK S-Series cushion tire forklifts proudly add to CLARK’s unique history of building the best forklifts. These cushion tire models, designed for manufacturing, warehousing, and building materials handling are suited for the toughest applications.  High-performance engine; Smart design; Strong and “Built to Last®”; Safe; Operator […]



The world’s first all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift.



Compact multi-directional forklift Combilift CB Series are more compact than a traditional counterbalance forklift. With unmatched agility the CB series will maneuver in tight aisles and operate in the same areas as a regular sit-down forklift, making it a multi-purpose, multi-use machine in standard and multi-directional operations. Handles palletized goods and long length products. Available […]

COMBILIFT 2022 Combilift Sideloader Range SIDE LOADER

COMBILIFT Combilift Sideloader Range SIDE LOADER

COMBI-SL 3 Wheel Side loader  This hydrostatic all-wheel drive truck differentiates itself from the traditional sit-down side loaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions. The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior maneuverability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards. Combilift 4 […]



Donkey Forklifts have a low operating weight and a fool-proof mounting system. They are suitable for single axle trucks. It dismounts and is at work in under 30 seconds. Smart backup alarms, strobe lights, a salt corrosion package, safety training manual and safety video are all standard features when you purchase a Donkey Forklift.

DOOSAN 2017 D20/25/30/33/35C FORKLIFT

DOOSAN D20/25/30/33/35C FORKLIFT

Diesel – 4,000 – 7,000 lb These trucks have an optimized design and a wide range of options for heavy duty operation. Doosan’s 4,000 – 7,000 lb IC Tier IV Pneumatic Series trucks are built to meet the requirements of your specific heavy duty applications with the aid of the following features: Powertrain improvements that […]

DOOSAN 2022 D100/120/140/160 FORKLIFT

DOOSAN D100/120/140/160 FORKLIFT

Diesel – 25,000 – 36,000 lb Internal Combustion Pneumatic Series Robust and durable forklifts to handle the toughest tasks in the most demanding of applications with speed, power, and efficiency. The D100/120/140/160S with lifting capacity of up to 36,000 lbs are the most robust and durable machines in the Doosan forklift product line-up. These powerful […]