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Carer Forklifts

A provider of high-capacity electric forklifts for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. The company offers some of the highest capacity electric forklifts in the North American market with counterbalanced electric forklifts with lift capacities up to 44,000lbs. With exceptional performance and considerable savings on overall running costs, Carer improves efficiency while reducing harmful emissions and noise pollution.

With more than 40 years’ experience designing, developing, and manufacturing electric forklift trucks, Carer is an industry leader. Carer offers a range of high-capacity electric forklift trucks that are valid alternatives to internal combustion models for materials handling applications such as the Paper, Port, Steel Automotive and Wood industries. The company also provides custom electric forklift solutions for special applications.

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CARER 2022 A Series Electric FORKLIFT

CARER A Series Electric FORKLIFT

The Carer A series electric forklifts have all the power of an internal combustion forklift with the added benefit of Carer’s electric forklift solutions.

CARER 2022 F Series Electric FORKLIFT

CARER F Series Electric FORKLIFT

The F series electric forklifts are ideal for handling heavy loads in a variety of applications. The design of these electric lift trucks is based on details, creativity, and technical expertise. It combines the ability to lift very heavy loads with a sturdy frame that is easy to drive and extremely adaptable performance levels as well as utmost operator comfort.

CARER 2022 K Series Electric FORKLIFT

CARER K Series Electric FORKLIFT

The K series heavy duty lift truck is specifically designed to handle heavy loads inside standard containers. The attention to detail and technical expertise used to design the K series can be seen in the features and design of this heavy-duty lift truck, which combines the ability to lift very heavy loads with a compact frame, ease of driving, and utmost operator comfort.

CARER 2022 R Series Electric FORKLIFT

CARER R Series Electric FORKLIFT

This forklift truck was designed to offer an optimal balance between productivity and energy consumption and handle various application conditions at a reduced operational cost. Carer’s R45-70H is a forklift truck that can withstand intensive use and high performance and features mini levers integrated in the arm rest, a closed cabin placed on anti-vibration supports to reduce stress while driving, a seat with low vibration levels and low-noise hydraulic pumps.

CARER 2022 Z Series Electric FORKLIFT

CARER Z Series Electric FORKLIFT

Carer Z series forklift trucks are extremely compact, with a reduced steering radius, these forklift trucks have a compact design that improves maneuverability without affecting performance, reliability, and ergonomics. They can be customized and adapted to any conditions of use and application.