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Side Loaders (also known as Sideloader Lift Trucks) are designed for a highly specific purpose – lifting and transporting exceptionally long and heavy items. These lift trucks are often employed in settings where transporting long, bulky material is a frequent occurrence, such as steelwork or commercial building.

COMBILIFT 2022 Combilift Sideloader Range SIDE LOADER

COMBILIFT Combilift Sideloader Range SIDE LOADER

COMBI-SL 3 Wheel Side loader¬† This hydrostatic all-wheel drive truck differentiates itself from the traditional sit-down side loaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions. The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior maneuverability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards. Combilift 4 […]