If you’re in the market for a forklift, there are plenty of options to think about. For example, should you buy a new or used forklift? While the nature of your business and work can help you decide between new and used, there are some advantages to buying a used forklift.

At Reliable Forklift Sales, we offer a wide selection of used forklifts that are dependable, fairly priced, and ready to suit the needs of a variety of businesses and job types. If we have the used equipment that you’re looking for, you don’t have to be a local buyer to purchase; our used forklifts can be sold to buyers across the nation. 

So, why buy used? Here are several advantages to buying used forklifts. 

Buy a Used Forklift and Save Money

Saving money is probably the biggest incentive to buying a used forklift. Used forklifts’ prices vary based on the make, market demands, and condition of the equipment. But buying used will almost always help your company save money while still receiving a quality forklift that suits your needs.

Not all companies have the budget to buy new—and there’s nothing wrong with that. The extra money can be spent on additional gear and equipment or on maintenance by buying used equipment. We don’t have to tell you how to use the extra money, but we can tell you that you’ll end up with more extra money by buying used forklifts. Depending on availability, demand, lift capacity, and other factors, the cost for a new forklift could equal the cost of buying two used forklifts—which means some big savings by buying used. 

If a used forklift is your only option budget-wise, remember forklifts themselves are money-savers for most companies. If your business operations involve frequently moving, placing, and storing heavy items, few pieces of equipment are as efficient and valuable as a forklift. 

Forklifts save plenty of manhours by quickly and easily lifting and stacking heavy loads. For workers in warehouses, manufacturing, and other sectors, such efficiency is key to smooth operations and cost-savings. Handling heavy loads is hard on bodies, too, and forklifts can save backs and save costs, as no one wants to face workplace injuries and workers’ comp cases. 

Buy Here, Deliver Anywhere

Even though Reliable Forklift Sales has worked with many great companies and contractors around Phoenix, AZ, our used forklifts sales team has also worked with buyers in other states and areas.

When buying new forklifts, dealers like Reliable Forklift Sales have specific geographic territories and zones in which they’re permitted to sell. However, used forklifts can be sold and transported to buyers nationally. So, our used forklifts are not limited to buyers in and around Phoenix.

While we’re glad to work with local and regional companies and buyers, we’re just as happy to help out and serve buyers from other states who are looking for reliable used forklifts for a range of jobs and functions.

Delays on New Forklift Sales

Sales of new forklifts in Phoenix and other locations rely on manufacturers to produce and distribute new forklift models. However, as with many goods and equipment, manufacturing delays can and do happen.

Manufacturers are currently estimating production times of about 12 to 18 months for new forklifts. The slowed timeframe is the result of material shortages and other production delays linked, in some cases, to more significant supply chain disruptions and general shortages. 

Fortunately, used forklifts for sale are less affected by manufacturing delays. With the availability of reliable and reasonably priced used forklifts, a used model might be the best move for your company and your project timeline in light of production delays. 

The Value of Used Forklifts

The value of any purchased product should be of concern to prudent company owners and purchasing managers. Forklifts and similar heavy equipment are investments, and the value of such investments matters.

Much like new cars and trucks, the value of new forklifts for sale depreciates as soon as they’re put into use. The value could depreciate by as much as twenty to forty percent the moment a new forklift goes into operation. Buying used forklifts mitigates any concerns about depreciation. 

Well-maintained used forklifts can also hold value. Heavy equipment and the need for forklifts aren’t drying up, and reselling to an in-demand market lets used forklift buyers regain much of their investment. Remember, the scorching Arizona heat can be damaging to your forklift, worsening regular wear and tear. So, be sure to stick to a regular maintenance schedule and always operate your used forklift safely and correctly. 

Buying Used Means Plenty of Options  

Manufacturers can produce and sell only so many different models and types of forklifts each year. While new forklifts include the latest features and designs, buying used offers plenty of options. For buyers, options are a good thing; look hard enough,and you’re sure to find the right used forklift for your needs. 

Because forklift sellers like Reliable Forklift Sales can sell used forklifts outside Phoenix and Arizona, our inventory is open to buyers nationwide. So, don’t forget to look beyond your region if you are in the market for a used forklift. At any given time, the selection of used forklifts for sale is enormous. While sales of new forklifts are limited to the latest models, the used forklift market holds plenty of inventory and plenty of great deals. Local buyers will find plenty of options throughout Arizona, and for those willing to look nationwide, there will be no shortage of inventory and selection. 

Staying Flexible

Used forklift sales offer a degree of flexibility that’s just not possible with new forklift sales. Since new forklift sales can involve longer wait times right now, you won’t be able to start or complete jobs during the waiting period. 

Reliable Forklift Sales works with many types of contractors, businesses, and professionals. So, the jobs and roles that our equipment serves vary widely. For some customers, a forklift is needed for only a temporary job. And while we do offer forklift rentals for short-term jobs, sometimes you’ll need equipment for more than just a couple of jobs but not for an indefinite or extended period—that’s where used forklift sales come in.

Used forklifts can be acquired quickly and resold after a job wraps up. By operating your forklift correctly and completing basic but essential maintenance, its value won’t significantly depreciate. Remember, although Reliable Forklift Sales is based in Phoenix, AZ, we can sell our used equipment both locally and across the nation. 

Finally, since the used forklift market inventory is so vast, finding what you need should be no problem, even if you need a specific type of equipment. Flexibility and used forklifts go hand in hand, making them a smart buy for many professionals and companies whose needs may vary.

Reliable Forklift Sales Has Your Next Used Forklift

Reliable Forklift Sales offers a wide variety of high-quality forklifts and material handling equipment. If you’re looking for a used forklift, check out our selection of used equipment. We’re open to regional buyers in Phoenix, AZ, and to customers across the nation looking for quality used forklifts.

If you have any questions, contact our team by calling 602-415-9996 or send us a message.

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