Your forklifts are investments, and maintaining your investment is always a great move. As a forklift dealer in Phoenix, AZ, we highly recommend you maintain your forklift and material handling investments. 

Regular forklift maintenance is about being proactive. If you commit to spending a little bit of money throughout the year and life of the forklift, you can save money, increase performance, and keep your equipment running safely. 

As a forklift dealer in Phoenix, AZ,  we strongly recommend you take advantage of the many benefits regular maintenance can provide for your forklift and material handling investments. 

How does regular forklift maintenance save money?

Regularly scheduled forklift maintenance can save you money by lengthening the lifespan of your equipment, which limits the number of times needed to purchase new forklifts or parts.  

It is also strongly recommended that you perform regular maintenance after every 200 hours of use. After 200 hours of use, these check-in appointments can potentially catch mechanical issues and problems before they become big problems with high costs. Putting off regular maintenance for your forklift fleet can lead to costly repairs or, worse, the need to purchase a new forklift.

How does regular forklift maintenance extend the life of a forklift?

Certain parts and components of a forklift are prone to wear and tear due to constant use. Regular maintenance can help keep these parts and components in good working order. The heat is scorching during the summer months in Arizona, so extensive use with no maintenance can be damaging. 

By maintaining your material handling equipment, you could put off buying a new forklift for eight to nine years!  As prices continue to rise (and it doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon) and inventory remains scarce, regular maintenance can play a significant role in savings.

Besides the obvious savings, regular forklift maintenance also has some hidden savings. Since you are being proactive, your equipment also stays safe. And since your equipment is safe, the chance of a forklift accident is significantly reduced. Fewer accidents result in fewer OSHA fines, less inventory loss or damage, and fewer employees going on leave or disability.

Can regular forklift maintenance increase performance levels?

Yes, forklift maintenance ensures your equipment is running at optimal levels. Even minor adjustments to your forklift, like oil changes or tire changes, can make all the difference. 

Lifting capacity, turn radius, speed, and other features the forklift manufacturer promotes when the forklift is new are only as good as the care and attention you put into them. Your new forklift met those manufacturers’ specifications when you bought it, but as your equipment gets older, performance can lessen without proper care and maintenance. 

Don’t forget to consider the environment where you use the forklift. Extreme heat and cold can affect the forklift’s performance, and without proper care, you will significantly reduce its useability.   Those of you in Phoenix, AZ know it gets pretty hot and should take appropriate measures to protect your forklift from high heat.

When it comes to your forklift, downtime always costs a company because the amount of work that needs to be completed is drastically reduced when your forklift is out of commission. Regular forklift maintenance leads to your equipment running smoothly, which results in fewer repairs, less downtime, and steady performance levels over the years.

Does regular forklift maintenance help with safety?

Yes! Safety should always come first in the workplace, especially when dealing with material handling equipment like forklifts. Although forklifts make your work easier, they can present potential hazardous situations if not maintained or used by certified operators. Regular forklift maintenance can identify faulty parts, loose attachments, unsafe extensions, and other malfunctioning parts.

Having regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent issues before disaster strikes is critical. You’ll cut down on employee and customer injuries, damage to your forklift equipment, as well as any damage to inventory and your facility. Investing in regular maintenance is a lot less than workers’ compensation, being sued by a customer, replacing inventory, and fixing your storage system that was damaged due to a forklift accident.

There are many aspects of your business that you maintain regularly. Add your forklift fleet to that list. By planning and scheduling your fleet now, you will be able to save money, extend the life of your equipment, maintain steady performance and ensure safety. Don’t delay. Schedule your forklift maintenance in Phoenix, Arizona, today.

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