It’s not just about being environmentally friendly; it also saves money. The cost of fossil fuels and carbon taxes are on the rise. This means forklift manufacturers are aggressively looking for ways to reduce emissions and the businesses who use the equipment are working to reduce their carbon footprint. A solution exists and it comes in the form of high-capacity electric forklifts with pneumatic chassis that were designed to weather the elements.

Economics for Equity and Environment released a study a few years back revealing that for every 10,000 hours forklifts are used, an electric one will emit 12 pounds less in carbon emissions than its internal combustion engine counterpart.

There has been an unwarranted stigma associated with electric vehicles of all kinds. Traditionally, electric forklifts were considered low capacity, indoor material handling solutions, designed for warehouses and narrow aisle applications. However, as we introduce high-capacity electric forklift options to our customers, we are quickly seeing their opinions change.

CARER Lumber Yard 3 Myths about Electric Forklifts

MYTH: The only low-emission options for high capacity, outdoor and rough terrain applications are Tier 4 Diesel and LPG Engine forklifts.

FACT: While the internal combustion lift truck industry moves towards new emission compliant engines for high-capacity forklifts, a few select manufacturers have made significant strides to create emissions-free alternatives. These high-capacity electric forklifts offer the same driving speeds and, in most cases, increased torque in comparison with their IC counter parts.

Carer forklifts is a notable example of how top forklift manufacturers are investing in high-capacity lift truck design. They understand the importance of supplying green materials handling solutions and have developed models that easily manage heavy loads and can stand up against any weather or terrain.

CARER K100 Electric Forklift Wire Spool Container Yard 3 Myths about Electric Forklifts

MYTH: Electric forklifts are more expensive than Internal Combustion Engine forklifts

FACT: When you include the acquisition cost and the overall running cost of IC versus electric forklift options and compare them, the numbers speak for themselves. Although the initial investment is often a bit higher, electric forklifts offer significantly lower maintenance and operating costs.

Electric Forklifts Offer:

  • Lower running costs and real-life depreciation
  • 40-60% lower service costs and easy maintenance
  • Increased energy efficiency in comparison to IC equipment alternatives
  • Green materials handling: no harmful emissions
  • Less vibration and noise pollution

Carer Nuclear Z180K Electric ForkliftMYTH: Electric forklifts have complicated charging systems and take too long to charge resulting in reduced productivity.

FACT: Technological advancements in forklift batteries and charging systems have resulted in electric forklifts with extended operating times that can easily last through an entire shift. However, the best return on investment in electric forklifts is under multi-shift or energy-draining applications. These are use cases where forklifts are required to run continuously across back-to-back shifts where fuel costs can quickly get out of hand.

While no two customers are the same, it is crucial across the board in these use cases to have fast charging systems with quick, efficient battery exchange capabilities.

For this reason, at least one manufacturer has designed flexible and customizable charging options with battery extraction systems that ensure that virtually anyone can quickly and easily switch out batteries to keep productivity at an all-time high.

Mariotti Electric forklifts with 1000 to 3000lb lift capacity are designed to work best for those who have tight spaces and don’t need to bench a lot of weight. Clark and Doosan electric forklifts have the mid range covered with lift trucks ranging from 2000 – 10000lbs.  Carer electric forklifts are our largest capacity lift trucks ranging from 15000lb to 36000lbs to take care of all the heavy lifting. With these great brands in our reach we are confident we can deliver an electric forklift with the lift capacity you need!